StayConnected is a Canadian firm with North American distribution rights for NetSpot: a revolutionary technological solution that is a first worldwide. It consists of a console, which allows the loan or rental and management of multiple iPads as well as Android and Windows-based tablets and portable computers. It is part of a global movement promoting all-time access to the Internet.


Since introducing the NetSpot to the market, its approach has experienced impressive growth and is now recognized worldwide.  In North America and abroad, namely in Canada, the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia , Finland, and other countries being added regularly, it is an important strategic choice for many service-based clients in the development of their customer approach.

Many organizations use the NetSpot to improve their services and build customer loyalty.  This allows for the projection of a youthful image while still staying innovative and, as such, allows a more enjoyable customer experience. This service undoubtedly adds unparalleled value.

Here are two videos showing the NetSpot kiosk in action!


Our company is committed to helping clients simplify the process of providing Internet access and related value-added services to their clients.