About us...

StayConnected, incorporated in 2011, is a privately held company that specializes in the installation and configuration of NetSpot products. Our head office is located in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.


Employees working at StayConnected are dedicated to ensure excellence, precision and customer satisfaction.  Ingenuity, on-time delivery, faultless customer service, and effective technical support are all ingredients in the recipe that has made us what we are today: a respected company in the industry recognized as being dedicated and knowledgeable at all levels.


The StayConnected experience, from the installation to the maintenance and servicing of the NetSpot, allows us to meet all levels of customer requirements. Our expertise includes:

• Installation

• Integration

• Support

• Maintenance

• Software Upgrades


Our company is committed to helping clients simplify the process of providing Internet access and related value-added services to their clients.