Car dealers



In such a competitive field, an unparalleled customer service is imperative and can often help motivate the customer to make a purchase at your dealership. NetSpot is the perfect way to meet the growing demands of your customers when it comes to service and technology.


In the same product, we pool all services: customer satisfaction, mobility, entertainment and an added value for the company offering it.


NetSpot is usually installed in the waiting rooms of car dealerships. In doing so, it gives your customers access to a tablet or portable while waiting for their vehicle. This allows your customers to productively use their waiting time or simply entertain themselves with games, newspapers, movies, social networks, etc.


NetSpot is useful for many types of customers: from the businessman to the student and even for the person who just wants to have fun, each and every one will find its use!


Our company is committed to helping clients simplify the process of providing Internet access and related value-added services to their clients.