Whether your customers are at your hotel for a family vacation, romantic getaway or a business trip, the NetSpot will prove to be very useful.  Whether it is to access emails, video-chat with family via Skype or for simple entertainment, your customers will undoubtedly appreciate all the advantages of being able to count on a tablet or portable in the comfort of one of the rooms in your establishment.  NetSpot allows guests to bring the mobile device anywhere in the hotel.  From the restaurant to the hotel bar, it is easy for your guests to stay connected! Once finished, they simply return the unit to the self-serve kiosk.



One of your clients has forgotten to close his email account? Do not fear! After each loan or rental return, NetSpot automatically takes care of deleting all traces of its last use.


Our company is committed to helping clients simplify the process of providing Internet access and related value-added services to their clients.