Boat, train, plane, bus... We share all these means of transportation. In any case, travel times are opportune moments for the use of our product. With the NetSpot, it is now possible to maximize time or just be entertained! Taking a tablet or portablefrom the NetSpot console during the trip allows users to have access to everything they need.  In addition, the devices are already configured to automatically connect to the Internet!


Young people will also enjoy it!  It is now easytoeither loan or rent a tablet for a child and allow him or her to have access to a variety of games and movies! The child won’t see the time pass!


One of your clients has forgotten to logout of his Facebook account before returning the unit to the console? Do not fear! After each loan or rental return, the NetSpot takes care of deleting all traces of its last use.


Our company is committed to helping clients simplify the process of providing Internet access and related value-added services to their clients.