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Our company is committed to helping our customers simplify their process of providing Internet access as well as value-added services for their customers.

Innovate, offer a revolutionary solution turnkey, without management on your part!

StayConnected is a Montreal-based company that distributes the NetSpot around the world: a revolutionary technology solution. This is a world first and this product has proudly been created in Quebec. The Netspot is a management console for renting or lending laptops and tablets. Several models are supported, such as Apple, Android and Windows. This product is part of a global movement promoting free access to high-performance computing equipment and the Internet at all times. Since its launch, this approach has grown tremendously and is now present around the world. For North American and European companies, particularly in Canada, the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia and Finland, to name just a few, this is an important strategic choice in the development of their customer approach. Indeed, several organizations are using the NetSpot to improve their service offer and increase customer loyalty, thereby promoting a pleasant customer experience while projecting a young and forward-thinking image. This is unquestionably an unparalleled value-added service

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About us ...

StayConnected, a Quebec company incorporated in 2011, is a private company specializing in the installation and configuration of NetSpot products. Our head office is located in Repentigny.

All employees working at StayConnected are dedicated to accuracy, excellence and customer satisfaction. Ingenuity, on-time delivery, flawless customer service, effective technical support are all ingredients of the recipe that made us what we are today: a respected company in the industry, recognized as being dedicated and competent at all levels.

Applicable fields

For libraries, the NetSpot has become a must in order to follow their mission. Indeed, the NetSpot comes to fill the need and desire of libraries to offer a new range of products and a value-added service. In addition, by having the choice to opt for a turnkey service without management and accountability, libraries are able to offer the NetSpot without adding tasks to their staff or needing the IT department. Many libraries have already begun to implement the NetSpot. The generated usage reports are most encouraging and exceed original expectations. As a result, the growing demand for NetSpot in libraries is constantly growing.

Whether your clients are at the hotel for a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a business trip, the NetSpot will be very useful. To access their e-mail, skype with their family or to entertain them, they will undoubtedly enjoy all the benefits of being able to rely on a tablet or laptop in the comfort of one of your rooms. It is even possible to carry it everywhere in the hotel. So that your customers want to check the news by going to the restaurant or the hotel bar, it's easy to stay informed! When done, simply return the device to the self-service console. Did one of your customers forget to close their email account? Do not be afraid! After each rental return, the NetSpot automatically takes care of erasing the data and traces of the last use.

Boat, train, plane, bus. What do all these means of transport have in common? In any case, when we use them, we have free time to fill. With the NetSpot, it is now possible to maximize your time or just have fun! By taking a tablet or laptop in the NetSpot console before the start of the journey, the user has access to everything he needs. In addition, the devices are already configured to automatically connect to the Internet! Young people will also find their account! Easily, it is possible to rent or borrow a tablet for a child and allow him to have access to a variety of games and movies! This can make a trip much more enjoyable to manage! Did one of your customers forget to disconnect their Facebook account before putting the device back into the console? No fear! After each rental return, the NetSpot automatically takes care of erasing all the navigation and identification data of the user reporting it.

In such a competitive field, unparalleled customer service is paramount and often encourages the customer to buy from you. The NetSpot perfectly matches the new customer demand in terms of service and technology. In a single product, we bring together service, customer satisfaction, mobility, entertainment and added value for the company that offers it. NetSpot is typically installed in car dealership waiting rooms. In doing so, it allows to give your customers access to a tablet or laptop while waiting for their vehicle. In this way, your customers maximize the productivity of their wait times or simply enjoy themselves with games, newspapers, movies, social networks, and more. The NetSpot is useful for many types of customers. From the businessman to the student, to the person who only wants to be entertained, everyone finds his account!

NetSpot is a product that can serve a wide range of business areas. Private companies, remote work sites, restorations and rest stops are just some of the many examples of product versatility. Do you see a business opportunity for your business and industry? Do not hesitate to let us know and contact us. We will be happy to discuss it and see how we can leverage the NetSpot within your organization! Contact us today to blow up the potential of your company with our product!