Products and services

StayConnected offers two models of Netspot. We offer the NetSpot Tablets Kiosk and the Netspot Laptops Kiosk. The concept is the same with respect to the operation. It should be noted that for each model, we offer several different versions and it is possible to have a kiosk containing between 3 and 6 devices.


NetSpot is a self-serve console allowing the loan or rental (via a touch screen) of tablets or portables for libraries, classrooms, waiting rooms, hotels, etc.  The beauty of the product lies within the fact that in addition to being a self-serve console, it requires no attention from staff of the organization.  NetSpot is responsible for managing its own shelves (it ensures even wear and tear by dispensing the least used and most charged device).


In addition, the NetSpot takes care of doing the necessary software updates and recharges the devices when returned to the console; it also deletes all information and/or applications downloaded by the customers.  Thereafter, the NetSpot restores the device leaving only the image predetermined by your organization. All of this done automatically! This product is unique in the world.


We also ensure the safety of your devices through a locking mechanism. In order to unlock and release a device requires a card (student, credit, courtesy, etc.) that has been approved by the NetSpot. Each device is also protected by a case specifically designed for the NetSpot. The charger has also been modified to function solely with the NetSpot. We also cover physical damage that may occur.

It is also possible to add additional units and storage devices that connect to a single NetSpot.



Our company is committed to helping clients simplify the process of providing Internet access and related value-added services to their clients.