NetSpot portable


The NetSpot Portables Kiosk is a device with the same functionality as the NetSpot Tablets Kiosk. It can contain between 3 and 6 devices.  The devices are 14-inch portable computers, having these characteristics:


- Core i3 3120 / 2.5 GHz

- Windows 8 64-bit

- 4 GB RAM

- 500 GB HDD

- 14 "wide 1366 x 768 / HD- DVD -Writer

- Intel HD Graphics 4000

- Matte black, trimmed with a thin silver band (side)

- USB Key


Whether it is for word processing, research or continuity of work, the NetSpot is very useful for all users, especially since it allows greater mobility.


You no longer need to sit at a fixed office; with the NetSpot Laptops Kiosk, you can use a laptop wherever you please.




Welcome to the new generation of computer products!


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