NetSpot tablettes

The NetSpot is a self-service console allowing the loan or rental, via a touch screen, of tablets or laptops for libraries, classrooms or waiting rooms, hotels, etc. The beauty of the product lies in the fact that in addition to being self-service, it does not require any management from the organization that decides to implement it. The NetSpot is responsible for managing the tablets (it allows you to borrow the tablet that is the least used and is the most recharged to ensure equal wear of all devices).

In addition, the NetSpot takes care of the necessary updates, to recharge the devices when they are put in the console and to erase everything that the old user has done or installed on the tablet during his loan. Subsequently, the NetSpot delivers the initial image to the device that has been predetermined by your organization. All this automatically!

We also provide the security component of the devices. The NetSpot is designed with a unique lock system.The user must insert a card (student, credit, courtesy, etc ...) approved by the rental system connected to NetSpot to release a tablet or a laptop. Each tablet or notebook is protected by a holster specifically designed for the NetSpot. The plug for recharging has also been modified to work only with the NetSpot. Now it is also possible to add additional device storage devices and connect them to a single NetSpot.

Here are the defining features of NetSpot:

The NetSpot is a Wi-Fi kiosk up to 300 feet;

A simple and user-friendly touch screen;

Always offer recent models of PCs and tablets;

A system installed at no cost on your part;

Access to technical support (by phone);

Loan management and self-service equipment return using different types of cards.

A console that occupies only 2 square feet of office or floor space;

Equipment returned to their original configuration upon return of lease or loan;

A recharge of the devices when they return from renting or lending;

Updates done automatically.

Device customization for each organization.


NetSpot Laptops

The NetSpot Portable Kiosk is a device with the same functionality as the NetSpot Tablet Kiosk. They can contain from 3 to 6 devices, the extensions to contain between 8 and 10. They can contain several models such as Lenovo T440, T450, T460, L440, L450, L460, mac book, mac book pro

Whether it's for word processing, research or work continuity, the NetSpot Portables Kiosk is very useful for users, especially since it allows for increased mobility. You no longer need to sit at a fixed desk. With the NetSpot Laptops Kiosk, you can now move to the location of your choice! Welcome to the new generation of IT products.

In addition, NetSpot is responsible for making the necessary updates, reloading the devices when they are delivered to the kiosk while clearing browsing history, personal data and credentials. from the previous user. The NetSpot delivers the initial image to the device automatically!

Here are the features of notebooks:

Core i3 3120 / 2.5 GHz

Windows 8 64-bit


500 GB HDD

Intel HD Graphics 4000- 14" wide 1366 x 768 / HD- DVD-Writer

matte black, trimmed with a thin silver band (side)